What programs do you use?

  • AutoCAD ®
  • AutoCAD ® Architecture

What format will I receive?

  • Paper (sizes available up to size D (24”x36”), If you need larger, I do have a place I go to for printing if needed. (Reimbursement for outside printing possible.)
  • Files that will be sent via E-mail will be viewer friendly per the clients situation. (DWF, DWG, DXF or other) For the latest Free DWF or DWG viewer by Autodesk, Click Here. These viewers will allow you to mark up the plans and send back to me.
  • When project is complete, you will receive your file as a pdf via email, on a CD or DVD. (Full CAD file available where needed.)

How can we work together?

  • Consultations in your offices
  • Phone
  • E-mail
  • All drawings can be viewed by various FREE viewers from Autodesk.com. these viewers allow you to mark up and send back to me via email.

How much does a set of plans cost?

  • Every project is unique, so prices may vary.
  • Temporary work or parts libraries:  $50.00/hr (Price subject to change depending on situation.)

If you draw a house, addition or remodel project, will I have to find an engineer to sign and seal my plans?

  • No,  I work with two engineers in the Tampa Bay area and I will arrange for signing and sealing. The cost of the engineer will be a separate line item on my invoice as a reimbursement.

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